Sunday, May 19, 2013

DIY Hanging Plant Holder

Say you live downtown in a gorgeous, temperate mediterranean city in walking distance of most amenities and a new metro system for anything that’s not.
Obviously, you don’t own a car, but who would this be a problem for?

Apparently, me.

Aaron and I live in Valencia, Spain on a two year temporary contract. This is relevant for a few reasons:
  1. We didn’t want to drop a lot of money on furniture, and shipping from Canada was going to be stupid expensive, so I caved, and in the interest of sanity, I agreed to let my husband look for a furnished apartment so we could have somewhere to live (I was still wrapping things up in Canada at the time). I am so very magnanimous.
  2. Most furnished apartments have furniture which could be generously called hideous.
  3. Thrift stores are not a thing in Spain.
  4. There is no IKEA here. Oh, the inhumanity.
  5. Approximately 99% of hardware stores here are located in the vast, sprawling suburban areas around the city. I love hardware stores to an unhealthy degree, which is why I was thrilled when I finally found a decently-sized BriCor in one of the ubiquitous department stores downtown.

We bought some plants from an outdoor stand shortly after we moved in, to give the apartment a little color. The plastic stool I had been using as a makeshift plant-stand was not only ugly, but also way too big for the corner between the wall and the table. One afternoon after Spanish class, the ugliness became too much, and in a poorly planned frenzy, I decided to do something about it.

(bracket already mounted in this picture, whoops).
  1. A plant. Something unkillable like a philodendron is ideal if you forget to water your plants for months on end like me.
  2.  Some sturdy cord, I chose a neutral brown for this project, but next time, I’m adding in a string of neon yellow.
  3. A shelf bracket with predrilled holes.
  4.  Basic tools (scissors, screws & screwdriver, anchors if needed, tape measure, tape or chalk).
  5. Optional, decorative pot. Let’s be honest. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were happy with the plastic pot the plant came in.

Mount the bracket at the desired height, using anchors if your plant is heavy, or if your walls are crap. Measure the distance you want your plant to hang.
Cut the cord into three equal sections, twice the length you want your plant to hang, with additional length for braiding. I cut mine into 5ft long lengths, for a hanging distance of about 30 inches from the bracket to the bottom of the pot. Then mark off the center of each cord with a piece of tape or a chalk mark.

Measure the pot circumference about a half inch above the bottom. Lay your cords in a triangle with the perimeter measuring a half inch less that the pot measurement (this may need to be more depending on the stretch of your cord). Knot securely at the corners of the triangle.

Fit the triangle around the base of the pot. Then take strings A and B and knot them at the lip of the pot. Repeat with cords C and D, and E and F.

Water your plant. If you're anything like me, it probably needs it. Put it in the pot.

Gather all the strings about 18 inches above the pot and knot. Braid all strings together to create rope to the bracket, I braided with strands of 2 strings, but a fishtail braid would work as well.
Use a chair or stool to support the pot as you knot the cord ends through the pre-drilled hole in the bracket. Cut off any excess cord after the knot is secure. 

Now, go do something useful with your day.


  1. I just don't do plants ..... so I'm very very impressed!!!!! a bientot ... Auntie Linda

  2. I love this! Thanks for the DIY tips :).
    I have seen these hanging plants but I guess, if I would have to buy it somewhere, it will be overly expensive. Love it! For me this is ideal, since I have a cat who eats ALL of my plants.

  3. Are you on instagram? I just hung my own plants following your directions and I'd love to tag you in my picture :) xo Hilary

  4. Replies
    1. I'm pretty sure it's a philodendron

  5. Looks like a golden pothos